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Photographer/ Owner

I would like to welcome you to my little studio. Here you will learn a little about me along with the info on where I am located. But if you would like to know more about any of the things listed on my site then feel free to contact me.

I am just your average person who loves to take all types of photos. Ever since I was little, there was a camera in my hand. I have two degrees in a non related field. I truly got into photography full time about 3 years ago with my other business that I started when I was in college. I got some of my training form NYI  of Photography and Hp School of Photography. But when it comes to training for photography I am always learning form going to seminars, to talking with other photographers and taking home courses. There are always new things to learn more no matter what area you are in. My main focus in photography is Glamour style and to make everyone look good and to bring out their inner person. I am willing to take all types of photos, from weddings, new arrivals in this world, birthday parties, family portraits, Model portfolios and more. I currently live in Bay City with my lovely girlfriend. If you wish to know more about me, just ask.

Studio Location:

Bay City, Michigan

Contact Info:


Phone: 1-989-326-2089

My studio is located in my home where I have a verity of backgrounds and props to use during a shoot. I also have a Portable studio that can come to you, for a fee, if you are unable to come to Bay City. I do most of my printing in house unless there is something special that I can't print here.


More to Come


Thank you for your time.